Enriched Living /

Independent Living 

Elderly Woman at Gym

Enriched Living / Independent Living or commonly referred to as Retirement Communities are for older adults who are 55+. These communities are a great option for you if you are looking for more of an independent lifestyle. The number one distinguisher between these types of communities and an Assisted Living community is, that in an Enriched Living community you must safely be able to live on your own (there are often third-party options for care or services within the community  if needed, however that isn't always the case). Most Enriched Living communities have the option to get involved in structured or planned social activities, and will have in-house and surrounding amenities that will vary from community to community. An attractive advantage of living in this type of community is that you will find they have a sense of enhanced social/ peer support that helps to alleviate, loneliness, and isolation.