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Download: Actions. Personal Wordpress website. METAGAL Activation Code. The METAGAL is a single double-action revolver. It is chambered for.45 ACP and.38 Short, and comes with a 4" barrel. Just like most other Double-Action Revolvers (DAR) it features a double action/single action trigger mechanism, a cylinder with 6 chambers, and comes with interchangeable and scopeless cylinders. METAGAL is a double-action revolver, meaning that pulling the trigger in both the double and single action mode functions. It fires from a closed primer position. When the trigger is pulled it will eject the fired cartridge and load a fresh one. It also has a manual-cut barrel for those who want to remove the barrel without stripping it. The METAGAL uses the same style of handle that all AR-15s use; a wraparound style handle. It has the ability to hold and fire while empty, as well as when loaded. It has a spring-loaded firing pin. The METAGAL can be fired in either a double action or single action mode by pulling the trigger. The trigger pull is smooth and reliable. It uses the same twist rate as other.45 ACP revolvers, with a 1:16" twist rate. It has been designed to be "weak" in the trigger-pull because it was designed to be reliable and accurate. It should be noted that the METAGAL is semi-automatic, meaning that it fires one shot for each pull of the trigger. When the trigger is pulled the pistol will perform a double action, ejecting the spent casing and chambering a fresh round. The double action cycle can be done with both a single or double action. It will eject the spent casing and chamber a fresh round. The METAGAL has been designed to keep up with all the variables in the wild. It can be used in multiple positions to provide reliable and consistent performance. This is a revolutionary pistol that uses modularity and customization to make any and all of your life easier. REMOVE TOOLS AND SCOPES. METAGAL



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METAGAL Activation Code terrjam

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